Konstantin Gorbach will represent Zyfra at AI Conference 01.03.2019
Konstantin Gorbach will represent Zyfra at AI Conference

How artificial intelligence is used in manufacturing and how affordable are those solutions? Zyfra, the firm that develops solutions for industrial digitalization, knows the answer. On April 9, the Head of Zyfra’s Intelligent Applications department Konstantin Gorbach will make a report at AI Conference.

In 2018, Zyfra acquired Theta Data Solutions startup focused on the use of AI technologies in manufacturing. Theta Data Solutions was founded in 2017 by former employers of Croc, Yandex, and Homeсredit Bank.

Hiring of experts that participated in large Russian IIoT projects such as Konstantin Gorbach will help Zyfra to develop in the direction of AI technologies.

Currently, the company provides readymade solutions for predictive analytics, process optimization, monitoring of industrial equipment and personnel. The company’s focus areas are machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

Apart from the main activities, the company also invests in IIoT and AI startups.

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