Who managed to launch AI on quantum computers? 22.12.2017
Who managed to launch AI on quantum computers?

California-based startup Rigetti Computing proves that quantum computer can be used to perform machine learning.

The company's developers used their prototype quantum chips for experiments with cluster analysis. And they succeeded: the algorithm was able to organize information in different categories. This does not mean that quantum computers revolutionized AI systems, however, this discovery is a huge step forward in this direction.

The startup has raised $7 million for future development. The team uses hybrid approach, meaning the superconducting quantum device works in concert with a standard computer. Such a solution will allow them to scale their development in the future, which will be a huge advantage over competitors.

These developers will perhaps leave their mark. The Quantum Technology Conference gives an opportunity to find this out. Participants will talk about practical cases of applying quantum technologies and actual problems of quantum communication, as well as quantum modeling. Do not miss!


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