AI case studies in business: services for executives, marketers, and managers 26.03.2019
AI case studies in business: services for executives, marketers, and managers

Several years ago, artificial intelligence was thought to be a future substitution for a human, but it turned out that machines have a long way to go before reaching this level. Later AI was viewed as a business tool that helps to make entrepreneurs free from routine work, businesses – from losses, and customers – from obtrusive advertising.

Now artificial intelligence is an assistant to business. Software advances itself using obtained data and learns to make decisions automatically. AI can reduce labor costs and increase sales revenue.

To help entrepreneurs increase business value, experts will share case studies from their experience showing how to use AI services in marketing and business management at AI Conferenceon April 9. The event will be useful for marketers, managers, and anyone who makes decisions in business.

Three conference blocks with case studies

AI for the state: about fund raising and government standards for AI projects.

AI for companies: about HR analytics services, customer support, financial risks evaluation.

AI for customer management: how to attract new customers, forecast demand, set up personalized advertising, and sell more.

In the program

Konstantin Gorbach. AI economics, approaches to data management

About the speaker: expert on digital technologies in manufacturing – metallurgy, oil and gas industry, chemical industry. Head of Intelligent Applications department at Zyfra, the company that helps to increase productivity and efficiency of manufacturing in Russia. Zyfra offers readymade packaged solutions designed to manage the production process using computers.

The speaker will discuss how to classify data efficiently and where to take necessary data.

Alexey Dobrusin. Government fund raising for artificial intelligence startups

About the speaker: he specializes in marketing and tech projects. Director of the startup center that operates the “AI in medicine” lab. Alexey helped startups to raise 100 million rubles in 2015 and 53.4 million rubles in 2018. He is head of Gedokorp Internet marketing agency, mentor of the federal program “You are an entrepreneur”.

The speaker will discuss how to gather a talented team, delegate tasks, get financing from the government, and launch a functional AI product.

Anton Melekhov. How neural networks show customers stuff they want to buy

About the speaker: expert in digital marketing and e-commerce, holds the position of Country Manager at RTB House Russia. Thanks to the company’s developments, its customers increase ROI from 33% to 198%, and the number of orders from 50% to 170%.

The speaker will discuss how to catch interest of customers before they make their choice in favor of your competitors. Anton Melekhov will talk about deep learning algorithms in retargeting and share how to choose ads individually for every user.

Ilya Munerman. How artificial intelligence helps to choose business partners

About the speaker: Ilya Munerman is an author of educational programs, lecture courses, and seminars on big data, fintech, scoring models. He leads the research division called Interfax-LAB that deals with pilot methodologies and technologies in the field of scoring, and machine learning.

The speaker will discuss how small and medium businesses can assess financial risks, how data related to performance, taxes, and suits filed by contractors helps not to lose money in partnerships.

Ilya Chukhlyaev. Why working with marketing plans using AI is more efficient

About the speaker: expert in online analytics, regional director of OWOX in CIS. Previously, he was head of Analytics at Adventum. He has been working with major customers in the fields of telecom, finance, real estate, and multichannel retail.

The speaker will discuss analytics tools for executives and marketers, how to forecast areas of growth and risks in the marketing plan based on data.

Anton Malov. How AI will help to transform labor costs into revenue

About the speaker: Anton is CEO of GANDIVA, author and developer of Russian software for business management. GANDIVA won the contest “IT project of the year” in the nomination “The best business apps” according to the Global CIO community.

The speaker will discuss how technologies allow reducing labor costs using case studies of AGAT Group.

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