How to get the most profit out of business and avoid turnover of staff 02.04.2019
How to get the most profit out of business and avoid turnover of staff

Entrepreneurs: case studies of retailers

Andrey Filipyev
Senior Developer at Dodo Pizza

The underlying element of Dodo Pizza franchise is information system Dodo IS that manages the majority of pizzeria’s business processes. By the way, their number is more than 450 in 12 countries, including the US, the UK, and China.

One of the key projects of Dodo Pizza is customized marketing. Its aim is to attract and retain clients by individual offers. Andrey Filipyev works on this project using artificial intelligence. The machine learning algorithm processes data on every client to customize products.

Exemplifying Dodo Pizza, Andrey will dwell on ML’s value for the company, early-stage challenges, and important nuances to take into account launching a pilot project.

Andrey Zhukov
Director of Retail at SAP CIS

Germany-based software developer SAP offers complex automated solutions for the management of a business, projects, and separate aspects of the manufacturing process.

The company compiled a catalog of business tasks machine learning solves. It allows to choose a sphere and a process that need optimization and then get the big picture of the technology opportunities.

Andrey Zhukov will feature the services that help increase a customer’s average bill. He will tell how to optimize an assortment, adjust a customized system of prices and promotions, forecast sales in order to reduce unsold goods.

Recruiters: services to boost team
spirit and reduce headhunting time

Marta Kutuzova

When a business grows, ‘a big family’ turns into a conveyor. When employees do not care about the company’s future, there arises the risk of getting a job just for the sake of appearance and high staff turnover. How to save a healthy atmosphere in a big team by increasing its interest in business processes? Marta Kutuzova will address this issue.

CEO at Yva.AI CIS will explain how to use AI to predict employee resignation, identify employee’s role, toxic individuals, communicative issues, map out a professional portrait, and use information about the best performers in order to build a model to train other workers.

Nikita Cherkasenko
Director of HRM Technologies and Analytics Department at Rostelecom

As calculated by Inspect System, expenses on employee replacement may be 7-100% of their salary depending on the post. The sales sphere suffers from high staff turnover most of all. How to reduce it?

Nikita Cherkasenko, an expert on analytics, human resources management, and HR consulting, will dwell on predictive analytics. Why was it implemented? In what way? What are the results? Nikita will explain how to integrate predictive analytics into HR based on Rostelecom’s experience.

Managers: how robots and algorithms
help boost the company’s value

Felix Skvortsov
Head of IT Process and Infrastructure Management Practice at CROC

CROC integrated a self-learning algorithm into the technical support at The chatbot accepts client’s requests in a messenger and redirects them to the responsible manager, sends references to articles as well as gives information on the status of request processing. accepts 2000 requests per day. The results of the testing showed that the chatbot processed 30%. The company plans to increase this figure to more than half of requests and train the bot to work with incoming calls.

Felix Skvortsov will tell how to optimize business processes, check the quality of outsourced staff, support customers 24/7, and save 10 m RUB.

Leonid Konovalov
Founder at InfoSystems

Leonid hosts a Telegram channel called ‘Real Automation’ where he shares the case studies, tools, and life hacks on working with business analytics and 1C automation. The expert helps entrepreneurs manage their business, cut labor costs making room for more important things.

At the conference, the speaker will tell how small and medium enterprises can get the most profit and avoid turnover of staff.

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