How to enhance the marketing campaign conversion using psychology and artificial intelligence? This issue will be revealed at AI Conference by Igor Volzhanin, CEO at DataSine.

Speaker’s presentation topic: "AI and psychology: the basis of permission based marketing".

Key points:

  • the impact of psychology and AI on the marketing conversion;
  • machine learning for personalized communications;
  • personalization: from profiling to outcome analysis;
  • DataSine case studies.

The information is primarily aimed at marketing specialists, product managers, company and communication department executives, as well as those working with Big Data, segmentation, and A/B testing.

Igor Volzhanin is a PhD in Psychology and Computer Science. He founded DataSine in 2015 to help companies build meaningful relationships with their customers. Led by Igor Volzhanin, DataSine has conducted seven successful projects for financial establishments of Europe, the UK, and Russia, showing statistically significant improvements in customers’ commercial performance. The company has become the finalist in the Open Talent AI contest held by one of Spain’s largest banks – BBVA.

Igor Volzhanin regularly speaks at IT and fintech conferences. Besides, he publishes articles in financial and IT editions: Forbes, Inc., and others.

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