April 25, AI Conference will be attended by Gregor Jarisch, a leading developer at E.D.D.I. The speaker will tell about advantages of using chatbots in business. Presentation topic: Best practice on how to develop a Chatbot for an enterprise.

Jarisch is a chatbot expert with 10 years of experience in developing software for various web services. He has worked in such sectors as eCommerce, first tier support, quality control and education. Currently, he is a leading developer of the open source code chatbot platform – E.D.D.I.

At the conference, the speaker will reveal an issue related with the era of new chatbot technologies as well as tell the audience what opportunities bots provide for business and users. His presentation will also include the best practices, showing how to control similar projects in order to succeed.

AI Conference will take place on April 25 at the Novotel Moscow City.

Register to the event following the link.