Changes in the idea of beauty with AI: six-pack abs and radiant makeup 06.02.2019
Changes in the idea of beauty with AI: six-pack abs and radiant makeup

Artificial intelligence technology makes life more convenient: AI finds staff at companies, writes songs, and can draw. Today, AI algorithms allow to improve our look and glamorize photos.

The article reveals how artificial intelligence algorithms help to change people’s images and whether this affects the idea of beauty.

Apps and beauty filters

Special AI algorithms able to advance the appearance on photos are applied on various apps.

For example, Zoom has an option called ‘Touch Up My Appearance’. It allows users to remove black and baggy eyes as well as smooth the skin and wrinkles on their images.

Moreover, in 2018, Apple customers said that one could improve their look using a front-facing camera of iPhone XS named BeautyGate.

After the release of iPhone, bloggers and a lot of mass media have mentioned that the camera advances faces andmakes the skin smooth, although Apple has not announced such a feature.

Users believed that the smartphone was integrated with beauty filter algorithms in advance. This manufacturer’s choice was met with raised eyebrows among clients. However, Apple said that the algorithms were not aimed at appearance improvement and fixed the bug.

Masculine look

Men desiring to correct their appearance and to add some courage attributes to their photos can apply special services.

For instance, there is the Manly app: a photo editor able to add beard, six-pack abs, and muscles.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can also provide images with any tattoo, change the skin tone, and replace glasses with contact lenses.

Appearance evaluation

Artificial intelligence on the platform will assess user’s look after downloading a photo on the service. Reportedly, AI will determine attractiveness of a person and put a mark between 1 and 10.

The algorithm is based on machine learning and dozens of photos. Artificial intelligence learned how to compare face features and correlate them to other people’s opinion about eye-catching good looks.

The platform notices that one should not take AI’s negative assessments seriously. The algorithm is just a fun game.

Nevertheless, despite this fact, low marks given by artificial intelligence can cause users’ negative emotions.

AI-based makeup

Apps based on artificial intelligence also allows to apply a virtual makeup. In 2014, one launched the Makeup Genius app where users could try a vivid makeup: wide flicks, eyeshadows, and lipstick.

This app was introduced by Sephora. Virtual Artist also allows people to put a makeup on their image. The app helps to determine the most appropriate color of lipstick, way of contouring, and hint of powder blusher.

One of the best-known makeup apps is ModiFace. It models hairstyles, conducts anti-aging procedures, and selects beauty products.

Is AI useful for appearance experiments?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to advance the beauty industry. Due to AI algorithms, users are able to choose beauty products, style, and hairdresses. By the way, different filters applied to images can be useful and evenmotivational.

At the same time, one should remember that similar apps have not to change appearance on photos without users’ wish and that embedded beauty filters are rather extra features than useful options. It is important to keep balance and remember of naturalness. Well, it’s up to each user whether AI algorithms are useful and necessary for their appearance.

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