How artificial intelligence helps in HR recruiting 03.10.2017
How artificial intelligence helps in HR recruiting

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, 20% of companies have integrated artificial intelligence into their work in 2016. This number is expected to increase up to 62% in 2018.

It's common knowledge that artificial intelligence simplifies the recruiting process and management. However, there are two small corrections: Firstly, using HR-bots makes sense only in big companies with a great recruitment flow, secondly, robots will not help in recruiting focused specialists.

One way or another, artificial intelligence helps solving recruitment problems. The key is to know where to start and how to continue.

HR-bots can help you optimize the process of preselection of potential stuff members, and the onboarding and training process of newcomers.

Recruitment specialists spend a lot of time reviewing CVs and interviewing candidates.

In this case, robots can help:

  1. A search bot makes a list of candidates based on the provided data. It analyzes CVs, selects the best ones and sends them to the manager.
  2. Audio bot calls the candidates, confirms if they haven’t accepted another job offer, provides details on vacant position and agrees on the date and time of interview.
  3. Chatbot communicates with candidates online. It also provides information on the vacancy and interviews candidates.

Chatbot is the most popular in the HR field. It can be used not only to find candidates, but also to help newcomers. For example, a chatbot will help you write a leave request or a sick-leave.

However, the potential of artificial intelligence is not limited to this. There are predictive analytical programs that can tell the employer who is thinking about job change. These are complex programs based on big data technology and machine learning. It is worth to use when a company has impressive assets and a well-established IT structure.

Simpler HR-bots are developed by an order of IT companies and cost around $250 – $10 000. It takes from a few weeks to a couple of months to develop such bot.


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