China is aiming to become a world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030

Jul 24, 2017

China is aiming to become a world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030

China is planning to take a leading position in the artificial intelligence segment by 2030. This is the main aim of the AI technologies development strategy recently presented by the State Council of PRC.

According to the Chinese government plan, investments in artificial intelligence inside the country will be $22 bn in three years, while in 2025 - $59 bn. It would make China competitive on the global market not only in economic but also military aspect since AI for the national safety is of primary importance.

Currently China lacks specialists and technologies for computer chips and new software development. Therefore, Chinese companies are investing in American developments and establishing research centers in the USA. The American government cannot use technologies financially backed by another country for the reason of the national safety. Thus, Chinese investments have been restricted in Washington, DC.

By the Chinese strategy, the country would reach the USA level in three years, and in 10 years would become the rightful leader in artificial intelligence.

According to New York Times, we shouldn’t underestimate the Chinese. In the course of the strategy realization, the country is gathering different AI specialists and providing conditions for the fruitful cooperation between public and private companies. During the following five years, there will be 110 thousand working places created for AI-specialists in Zhejiang province.

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