STEM courses to be as obliged as English in China 28.12.2017
STEM courses to be as obliged as English in China

By 2030, People's Republic of China is going to become a leader in the AI sector. To reach this goal, the government has started promoting STEM education: technical and academic AI courses. During the next few years, AI programing lectures in schools will be as popular as English ones.

Currently, the Chinese market of STEM education is reaching 1.4 billion dollars. Soochow Securities analysts predict that it will grow up to 7.5 billion dollars by 2022. They also note that 4% of total amount of schoolchildren and students will focus on sciences, engineering activity and mathematics up to the age of 18.

Shifting to more technological education will encourage the fast economic growth. According to PwC forecasts, China’s GDP will be increased by 26% by 2030 due to the development of the AI sector.

Meantime, only 1% of Chinese children learn AI programming. It can be a good chance of growth for companies engaged in development of such courses. These companies include Dianmao Technology (online programming courses of Codemao mobile apps) and iMarsClub (offline programming courses).


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