Artificial intelligence in the urban jungle setting 13.04.2018
Artificial intelligence in the urban jungle setting

The smart city program is a complex of activities aimed at improving the infrastructure, ergonomics, safety and comfort of residents. Although the basis of the project is the application of new technologies, its implementation begins with an administrative part that divides the project into several sectors: municipality, business, transport, housing and communal services, education, security.

The smartest cities in the world

According to a joint study by Philips Lighting and the SmartCitiesWorld, based on a survey of 150 industry experts from around the world, London, Singapore and Barcelona are the smartest cities in 2018.

Not only introduced technologies were considered, but also readiness to accept the concept of a smart city.

Speaking of the winners, they proved to be the best in different directions. IoT-technologies allowed Barcelona to create 47 thousand new jobs and save €42.5 million on water supply systems. A smart parking contributed to an increase in annual revenues to the budget by €36.5 million.

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London focused on technological solutions in the field of communications. Singapore managed to build a seamless infrastructure, including construction, traffic and the use of underground space.

Smart City project in Russia


No wonder that Moscow is the smartest city in Russia. The capital has the largest number of car sharing services, electric stations, traffic police cameras. It has huge sets of big data, 24 types of government services are available online. Moscow is one of the first cities in the world, which succeeded in implementing IT services and applying AI.


A unique smart city will be built near Yekaterinburg, there was a presentation of the project in Sochi a couple of months ago.

It will be a city with green technologies of a smart home, with educational, scientific and medical centers, residential houses and entertainment venues. The city provides for the use of solar energy and biomass energy, so that it will not have toxic fuels. Engineers and scientists are now calculating whether it is profitable to introduce solar and wind types of energy production into the project. Experts agree that it can be done, but away from the city, so as not to harm the health of citizens.

The city will be designed and built using innovative technologies in the construction of buildings and space planning, as well as in the creation of infrastructure and the organization of everyday life of citizens.

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The Smart City concept was presented in December last year.

Innovative digital technologies will be used in the project as a management tool of safety, transport, healthcare, upgrading and other spheres. According to the project manager Evgeny Bukharov, the sources of operational data allow to manage huge arrays of volatile data, automatically calculate, improve and change the city's development in real time. This means that smart home technologies will allow to timely predict emergency situations of natural, social and technogenic characters and prevent it, improving the quality of life.

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