Artificial intelligence creates music just as well as talented composers 24.02.2017
Artificial intelligence creates music just as well as talented composers

British startup Jukedeck has developed an AI algorithm that can compose music just as well as people with corresponding education. Interestingly, the company is headed by a professional composer Ed Newton Rex.

The idea to teach a machine to write music came to the startup founder during his university days. The first prototype program was a simple algorithm for composing music. Ed Newton Rex came to investors with this prototype. The project has raised $3.1 million within several years, and now Jukedeck represents artificial intelligence that creates pieces of music using neural networks.

According to the developers, the most difficult thing is to evaluate the track written by a machine, as there are no such notions as correct and incorrect music. Therefore, musical taste and style of the algorithm was advanced experimentally. Musicians listened to its creations and made corrections, relying on their own opinions. Tracks were also improved in case nobody downloaded them.

Creators of Jukedeck note that unlike other digital methods of writing music, their algorithm is a self-teaching program and can create music based on the analysis of its previous compositions.

It’s difficult to say now whether artificial intelligence can substitute human musicians, as far as the process of digital music creation is at its fledgling stage of development.

However Jukedeck’s compositions are quite popular among video bloggers.

Violinist and composer Dmitry Livshits thinks that Jukedeck generates a synthetic sounding. Even after post processing, such music will serve as a nice background sound for video games, but it is unlikely that artificial intelligence will write a genuine, meaningful and affective masterpiece.

Let's wait and see.

And meanwhile Jukedeck is selling its “synthetic” tracks at a price of $21.99-$199, provoking competition among musicians.

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