Artificial Intelligence outrivals person in content management 31.08.2017
Artificial Intelligence outrivals person in content management

Box CEO, Aaron Levy said that artificial intelligence and machine learning programs can manage corporate content better than regular employees. They are able to process huge amounts of data and determine its value.

In August, Box started to cooperation with Google in order to use the company's AI solution for image recognition. Now, each image that is recorder into a database is marked. Such a mark allows to identify photo or picture without involving a person. It makes it much easier to find the right files in the cloud, where their number reaches 30 billion. Box also applies Azure AI algorithms developed by Microsoft.

In addition to searching for marked images, natural language recognition technologies are used to manage the content. Recently, M-Files acquired the Canadian startup Apprento, which uses NLP and NLU solutions for smart analysis of unstructured information. This is one of the first cases when natural word processing and language comprehension technologies are used for business purposes.

According to Alan Peltz-Sharp, the Chief Analyst at Deep Analysis, artificial intelligence can be used in various ways to manage the content:

  • data analysis;
  • automated management;
  • automation of business processes with the help of software robots;
  • and much more.

Tony Byrne, the founder and analyst of Real Story Group, says that the effectiveness of AI solutions for managing corporate content will depend on the quality and state of the data. In other words, automation will be useful if information is well-structured.

Experts agree that in the future artificial intelligence can process large amounts of data and manage them much better than humans. In such a case, the machine itself will begin to generate valuable content for the development of a particular business. Thus, a new generation of CMS systems will be developed on the basis of artificial intelligence.

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