AI to assess cinemagoers’ reaction 01.08.2017
AI to assess cinemagoers’ reaction

As reported by Quartz, Disney has developed an AI technology capable of cinemagoers’ reaction recognizing.

The Disney Research Department used machine learning to detect an audience reaction to a film, namely, facial expressions. During the process, so-called factorized variational autoencoders (EVAEs) were used. Having learned physiognomy peculiarities within a couple of minutes, they anticipate the way the audience would react to a remaining film part.

There are smart cameras installed in a cinema hall scanning audience emotions at specific moments. The face reading AI receives the information from the cameras and then, compares it with an emotions base chosen by film creators.

The testing was conducted at a 400-seat U. S. cinema. The technology memorized 16 m different faces of 3100 people during 150 screenings of 9 Disney films.

The project will help film companies to increase the work effectiveness with test groups during pre-releases. Usually, after film viewing, a written questionnaire is used but, according to Disney specialists, a lot of details remain unnoticed. They think that AI gives a more precise result since participants are relaxed and behave naturally.

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