Invention of new drugs using AI 07.07.2017
Invention of new drugs using AI

GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company has allocated $43 million for the development of the artificial intelligence system that will use deep learning to invent new drugs. Exscientia AI manufacturer will focus on creating a smart algorithm.

Development phases of new medicinal agents include at least four stages:

  1. Search for compositions with certain health properties.
  2. Pharmacological and toxicity examination of biologically active substances, allowing to determine the impact of drugs on body systems.
  3. Clinical testing, assessments of therapeutic efficiency of currently existing drugs.
  4. Selection of a drug dosage form, development of a production technology and its scaling.

As we can see, the process is long and expensive. A lot of years may come before human trials. Artificial intelligence algorithms will help to automate the routing process of seeking compositions and investigations as well as to select the most efficient production form and method. The search and production of new drugs will require lesser time and their costs will be also reduced.

Andrew Hopkins, Exscientia representative, believes that the AI system will find potential treatment methods four times faster than a team of experts and reduce research expenses by 75%.

The success of the GlaxoSmithKline project is still doubtful, because none of AI algorithms has already proven to be able to model chemical substances and check their efficiency in treating a certain disease. However, if the company succeeds in this issue, artificial intelligence will completely change pharmacology.

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