AI helps produce flavors and is trained by an online game. World’s AI news 08.02.2019
AI helps produce flavors and is trained by an online game. World’s AI news

How do smart technologies help the Bank of Russia recognize fraudsters? Why does AI lose the fight against corruption in China? Follow our traditional digest to find out more about these and other events in the AI universe.

Online game to train AI to understand the context

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence intend to utilize an online game for training AI to understand the context. The point is that people produce a certain phrase using emoji. AI’s task is to find out the sense and analyze it.

The app offers 1200 icons and 75 000 various word combinations. Both simple and difficult modes are available for gaming experience. Participants have to compete for the first place in the rankings, which would stimulate their interaction with AI and its development. As commented by Project Head Ali Farhadi, this method is more effective than the chess because it requires more complex skills of AI.

Russian Government and Sberbank of Russia work on an AI development strategy

By the President’s order, Russian Government starts elaborating a plan for AI introduction to the Russian Federation. Sberbank of Russia and other enthusiastic organizations will take part in this process.

Research on AI is carried out within the national project Nauka (‘Science’) financed at state level. Total amount of investments is about 35 bn RUB but the part allocated for AI remains unknown. So are the terms of the project realization.

Bank of Russia launches a robot to look for financial fraudsters

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation harnesses AI in order to recognize Ponzi schemes and online fraudulent operations with capital. As reported by the Bank representative Valeriy Lyakh, the company has been using AI-imbedded technologies for the fight against criminals since the latter half of 2018.

The algorithm navigates the Web and automatically detects Ponzi games and illegal transactions. Then, it informs an operator who checks this information.

McCormick and IBM to create new flavors using AI

McCormick, a company manufacturing and selling flavors, is going to harness AI to boost the production. They asked IBM for help since this company can develop algorithms for new flavors creation.

McCormick sells flavors in the US and Europe, and its top management is optimistic about the company’s future. Flavor manufacturing entails precise selection of substances and components, which is a feasible task for AI.

AI loses the fight against corruption in China

A Chinese project of anticorruption AI may be closed. Zero Trust service was launched in 2012 and since then helped detect 8 thousand dishonest public officials. Currently, most of the state institutions refuse to use the product for inconvenience reasons.

The technology tracks actions of public officials, analyzes and assesses them. However, the point is that AI does not explain its decisions during checking sessions. As a result, authorities of many cities started withdrawing from AI service Zero Trust. For example, Huaihua.

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