Coursera СЕО and Professor at Stanford University Andrew Ng has founded the company called aimed at the AI technologies introduction in production.

One of its first clients Foxconn assembles devices even including iPhone. According to the developer, this project is a must have for the product companies since they face difficulties when introducing cutting-edge AI technologies. will not only provide ready-made solutions but also work as an assistant. For instance, it will search for spots on the motherboards or cameras, which remains a task for the specialists nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence Conference: Artificial intelligence is cutting into factories and plants -1

The Andrew Ng’s team consisting of 20 people will help to adjust the necessary equipment for the companies in order to improve the quality of materials and reduce the cost of them.

Besides, he thinks that this product wouldn’t leave factory or plant workers unemployed. It would help the staff to learn how more powerful industrial computers operate.


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