Artificial intelligence can partially replace programmers 01.03.2017
Artificial intelligence can partially replace programmers

Representatives of Microsoft and Cambridge University have developed an AI system called DeepCoder which creates programs from parts of an existing code. The system gives an opportunity for programming even to people who have never done this before.

DeepCoder uses the technology of program synthesis. In order to create a new program you will need to set initial and output data. Then AI analyzes the material and decides which parts to copy to achieve a necessary result. Analysis and synthesis are carried out in seconds. Due to the use of machine learning, the system gives a more accurate and effective result with every new try.

Today DeepCoder has no problems performing tasks used to evaluate the level of programmers’ knowledge.

However, it’s too early to speak about replacing programmers with AI. At this stage it can do routine and boring work, write simple programs with no more than 5 lines in a code. Moreover, the system cannot write a new code yet, it only “borrows” ready solutions. That’s why in order to develop complex software, qualified coders are needed.

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