Intel presents scalable processors for more complicated AI apps 13.07.2017
Intel presents scalable processors for more complicated AI apps

Intel has announced the release of a range of processors for demanding tasks: Xeon Scalable.

The line consists of 60 different models, which will be produced in four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Processors feature from 8 to 28 cores and 1.5-12 TB memory depending on the category.

According to company representatives, the development of new processors involved Intel’s best solutions: Mesh, AVX-512, QuickAssist, Optane SSD etc. Therefore, they provide higher efficiency and performance while processing big data as well as AI and IoT algorithms.

In comparison with previous Intel products, Xeon is 1.65 times more powerful. In general, the company managed to gain such results due to Mesh innovative architecture, providing the high speed of data exchange between cores. Besides, processor capacity can be successfully scaled while adding cores.

The engineers used Key Protection technology for data transfer safety. The processor conducts encryption and decryption operations without putting keys into the system memory, thus it is more difficult to steal them.

Intel representatives say that new processors will allow to upgrade the network in any sector. Xeon Scalable provides the highest level of computation power and energy efficiency for data processing.

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