Artificial intelligence has learned to design interior for computer games, find terrorists in social networks, and construct interplanetary vehicles. Read about these and other events in the world of artificial intelligence further in the digest.

AI by Microsoft grows cucumbers in greenhouses

Teams of Microsoft, Intel, and Tencent participate in the contest of the Dutch Wageningen University & Research. Participants have the task to develop artificial intelligence capable of controlling autonomous greenhouses with cucumbers.

Companies have been developing an AI solution based on data provided by farmers. According to interim results, the AI model of Microsoft Research leads the pack in the competition.

The contest started in September 2018, and the final winner will be defined in December. The first place will go to the team that finds the most efficient way to use resources, builds the most reliable AI model, and uses correct methods to grow cucumbers.

AI designs interiors for computer games

Startup Promethean AIdevelops software tools for game designers using machine learning technologies. Readymade programs allow significantly speeding up the creation of virtual interiors for computer games.

AI of Promethean AIwill be a co-author for game designers. It will give advice regarding the planning of interior and hint how to place furniture and which details to add.

The AI model will be constantly learning and memorizing preferences of designers. Users will be able to use voice commands to give tasks to artificial intelligence.

The release date of the AI model has not been announced yet, as game developers should test the program at first.

Artificial intelligence will search for terrorists in social networks

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) plan to develop an AI solution that will help to fight against terrorism and will enhance the protection against natural and anthropogenic disasters.

According to the vice president of the RAS Vladimir Chekhonin, one of the tasks of the project is to provide specialists that fight against extremism and terrorism with more opportunities.

Behavioral algorithms will be used to develop such an AI solution. Readymade models will be able to analyze behavior of people and detect individuals that pose a danger for the society.

Artificial intelligence constructs an interplanetary vehicle

Autodesk software supplier and engineers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA have developed an AI solution that designs models of an interplanetary vehicle. The new-generation spaceship is built for Saturn and Jupiter missions.

Artificial intelligence of Autodeskhas improved the performance of constructed modules by 30%and by doing so attracted the interest of NASA.

Now AI offers one project of a spaceship once per two to four weeks, whereas engineers work on such a task for two months at least.

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AI learned to accompany speech with gestures

Engineers of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have presented an AI solution that can accompany speech with lifelike gestures. The AI model was taught basing on 52 hours of videos from TED Talks.

Scientists have developed two AI models – one gathered data about gestures of speakers from videos, and the other matched gestures and phrases and helped the first model to learn to combine them correctly.

During tests, the system received more than 3 points on a five-point scale for the vividness of gestures. The product has been already integrated with NAO humanoid robot.

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