AI anchors news and analyzes wind energy: major events in the AI realm 01.03.2019
AI anchors news and analyzes wind energy: major events in the AI realm

Artificial intelligence works on wind turbines, writes plays, and anchors news. These and other events in the AI sphere are given in the digest.

Millions of rubles loss at Sberbank caused by AI

As reported by CEO at Sberbank Herman Gref, mistakes of artificial intelligence led to the milliards of rubles loss at the financial organization.

Gref explained that AI works in large systems. Even a little mistake may lead to serious implications.

According to CEO at Sberbank, the point doesn’t lie in direct losses but the income that could have been generated. Herman says that algorithm bugs are removed on a permanent base.

AI forecasts wind energy generation

Google and DeepMind apply AI in wind turbines in order to know in advance the quantity of energy to be generated.

Artificial intelligence uses the data on the weather conditions in the region and wind turbines performance. Using this information, the algorithms forecast the quantity of energy 36 hours before its generation.

Due to the wind energy analysis, the technology has already improved the performance of wind farms by 20%.

Neural network helps write a play for viola with orchestra

Yandex Neural Network helped composer Kuzma Bodrov write a play for viola with orchestra. It was performed on February 24 at the closing concert of the Winter Art Festival in Sochi.

The neural network’s training was based on a multiple classical compositions. AI wrote melodies that composer Kuzma Bodrov later selected for a separate play.

Female AI to anchor news in China

China's Xinhua News Agencyannounced a female-gendered AI news anchor. The AI-powered journalist Xin Xiaomeng will start news anchoring in March.

The AI-fueled news presenter was created by search engine Sogou. As reported by the agency representatives, the female system would work along with other previously designed male-gendered AI anchors.

Boeing develops an AI military drone

Boeing Australia presented unmanned Boeing Airpower Teaming System with artificial intelligence.

The drone looks like a fighter aircraft with 11.7 m length and flight range of more than 3.7 thousand km.

In-built sensors allows to use it on reconnaissance, inspection, and electronic warfare. The first flight of the drone is planned for 2020.

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