AI draws landscapes and detects lies: main news in the world of technologies 22.03.2019
AI draws landscapes and detects lies: main news in the world of technologies

Artificial intelligence helps to solve issues connected with child custody, creates realistic images, and differentiates truth from lies. Read further in the digest about main news in the artificial intelligence field.

Messenger with AI was developed in Russia

AiGramMessenger, an app with artificial intelligence, was designed in Russia. The app functions based on API Telegram.

Neurobots help users to communicate by creating messages and maintaining the conversation in different formats. The task of artificial intelligence is to analyze the style and context of the conversation to simplify the work of neurobots.

Some neurobots are available free of charge and additional assistants can be bought using embedded purchases. The messenger does not store user data and correspondence.

Bill Gates compared AI with a nuclear weapon

At the conference of Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates compared AI and a nuclear weapon. He believes that in order to avoid problems, people should develop the technology for peaceful sectors such as education and healthcare.

According to Bill Gates, AI is a promising but dangerous technology just like atomic energy that became the basis for nuclear weapon.

The expert is concerned about the transparency of projects engaged in deep machine learning. He believes that AI should develop social sciences – the field where it can truly help people.

NVIDIA’s neural network creates realistic images from sketches

At GPU Technology Conference 2019, NVIDIA presented its neural network that turns schematic sketches in realistic images.

Generative adversarial network GauGAN transforms a sketch in several seconds.

User can schematically draw any object with paint, pencil, or marker pen, and AI will turn the sketch into a realistic picture.

AI-based polygraph distinguishes truth from lies

Researchers of Florida State University used AI to differentiate between truth and a lie basing on prompt texts. The technology fulfilled the task correctly in 85%of cases.

Scientists created an online game and 40 people participated. Players had 80 gaming sessions and answered questions according to the prescribed role.

The neural network defined that liars answered quicker and used such words as ‘always’ and ‘never’. People that told the truth required more time to give an answer. Besides, they used words ‘guess’ and ‘perhaps’.

AI will help to resolve issues of child custody

coParenter developed an AI app that helps to resolve child custody issues after divorce.

Using the app, former spouses can discuss different questions, share documents, get legal advice, and jointly decide on children-related issues.

Developers say that AI will enable a constructive dialogue. The app has been available since January 2019 and has already resolved around 3,000 arguments. Annual subscription costs $200.

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