AI and small business: how startups use the technology 28.03.2019
AI and small business: how startups use the technology

Artificial intelligence adoption is growing – according to datafrom Deloitte, 70% of companies around the world will be using AI cloud solutions in 2019. Today both large corporations and small businesses implement the technology in work processes.

Let’s find out which processes the AI technology automates in startups and what solutions are available for small companies today.

How small businesses use AI

Marketing and advertising

Artificial intelligence is used by large companies for marketing purposes and can help small startups to boost performance. In marketing, AI deploys user data for more efficient targeting. In such a way, automation of advertising processes allows businesses to find interested customers that will make use of the offered services.

collect data about buyers, CRM systems are used – software for customer relationship management. Such systems often rely on AI solutions that analyze information from different sources, for example, social media.

Virtual assistants

Artificial intelligence is often used to develop virtual assistants or chatbots that fulfil routine and standard operations and help customers staying in touch 24/7.

Chatbots are used in many big companies, but they will also be a productive solution for small businesses, as they can help to process user queries quickly and reduce efforts required to accomplish routine functions.

Thus, artificial intelligence improves the quality of customer support and service, which is important to retain customers and ensure customer satisfaction.

Predictive analytics

Market analysis and sales forecasts are tasks that are vital to fulfil for successful business operation. Artificial intelligence helps to manage these tasks by analyzing big data sets and detecting regularities.

In such a way, artificial intelligence helps small businesses to make forecasts basing on different parameters, for example, to predict the potential working efficiency of employees or potential sales rate.

Solutions for small business


HubSpot platform helps small enterprises to automate different processes using artificial intelligence.

The company offers several readymade packages of tools. Some of the products are CRM systems, marketing software intended to increase traffic, software for sales and increasing the number of closed deals.

Einstein AI

Small and medium businesses use Einstein AI to analyze customer mood and impressions of products and services.

Artificial intelligence analyzes data taken from phone conversations with users, emails, posts on social media, and customer feedbacks. Basing on collected information, algorithms define whether users are satisfied with the company’s performance. As a result, companies can contact disappointed customers with special offers or other benefits in order to improve reputation.


FreshBooks platform uses AI to help small businesses automate finance management. The service streamlines processes for small firms and agencies as well as for individual entrepreneurs.

The platform tracks external and internal flow of funds, provides detailed financial reports, organizes expenditures, and issues invoices.

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