April 19, 2018, Moscow will host the second international conference on artificial intelligence application in business – AI Conference.

The event will become a platform for networking developers, entrepreneurs, startups, creators of platforms based on Big Data and companies that use AI in business. Experts will discuss ways of using artificial intelligence in medicine, retail, insurance, marketing, finance and service sector.

The event consists of three activities: a conference, an exhibition area and a Startup Battle.


Invited speaker include founders of companies and IT specialists from Google, Mail.ru, Yandex, Nvidia, ABBYY and a number of other organizations. Announced speakers are VisionLabs CEO Alexander Khanin and Marketingbot CEO Rostislav Plankin.

Event attendees will learn about:

  • positive business changes after the introduction of AI;
  • chatbots as business assistants;
  • tools for working with artificial intelligence in projects;
  • advantages of using image recognition technology in retail;
  • future prospects for AI application in online marketing;
  • AI algorithms as a method of diagnosing diseases;
  • application of artificial intelligence in service robotics and auto industry;
  • benefits of neural network in voice search.

Demo zone

In the exhibition area, domestic and foreign IT companies will present advanced developments using artificial intelligence. The main criterion for selecting exponents is the effectiveness of their technologies for application in business processes.

Startup Battle

Within the event, there will be a contest of startups offering advanced solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. Participant will be able to present their ideas to potential investors, business angels and representatives of venture funds.

The event organizer is Smile-Expo. For 12 years, the company has been holding industry business conferences, exhibitions and forums in many countries of Europe, CIS and Asia.

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