IBM sets record in speech recognition technology 16.03.2017
IBM sets record in speech recognition technology

IBM managed to achieve excellent results during the finalization of natural speech recognition technology. Now artificial intelligence makes only 5.5% of mistakes when communicating with people. Thus, IBM left the former record holder Microsoft behind, whose algorithm error rate was 5.9%.

It is important to note that a person commits mistakes at recognizing another person's speech in 5% of cases, since the words spoken quickly and indistinctly may not be always recognized. In other words, if artificial intelligence approaches 5.1%, then its capabilities can be equated to human. Hence, it will be possible to communicate with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, which use the related algorithms, as with people.

IBM sets record in speech recognition technology

IBM’s artificial intelligence came very close to the required value of 5.1%. Previously, the company's algorithms made errors in 6.9% of cases, therefore a new achievement can be considered a real technological breakthrough. IBM program is not able to catch the language tone, metaphors and other small nuances yet, but the developers promise to fix this in the near future.

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