Google integrates AI in healthcare, developers of Kola Mining & Metallurgical Company launched a pilot project with elements of AI, and DeepMind’s AI learned to make up images. Read about these and other news from the world of AI in the weekly digest.

NASA will host a hackathon in Moscow

From October 20 to 21, NASA will run the international Space Apps Challenge in Moscow. The main discussion topic will be the use of AI to monitor climate changes on the planet.

The hackathon is open for teams from three to five people as well as independent developers. Participants will have 48 hours to solve one of the offered tasks. They will also have access to data from satellites, orbital and ground-based telescopes and probes.

DeepMind developers taught the neural network to make up images

The British company DeepMind presented BigGAN neural network that can generate images of nature, animals, and objects. It is hardly possible to differentiate AI works from real photos.

The work of this artificial intelligence is based on the generative adversarial network. It consists of two parts – a generator and a discriminator. The first creates images and the second evaluates their similarity to samples of the ideal result.

To teach the neural network, developers used image databases ImageNet and JFT-300M. The latter contains 300 million images divided in 18,000 categories.

Training of BigGAN took just 2 days.

Facebook uses AI to sell goods

Facebook updated its Marketplace, the service for buying and selling of goods. Now when sellers upload images, algorithms analyze goods and choose specific parameters for them.

In the result of the analysis, AI adds goods to the corresponding category: for instance, an office chair will automatically appear in the “Furniture” section. Further, based on data about the price of similar goods, the service will offer the seller the optimal price range.

Kola metallurgists will use AI

Kola Mining & Metallurgical Company (GMK) launched a pilot project with elements of artificial intelligence. Kola GMK is a member of Nornickel Group that owns a laboratory engaged in the development of new projects for production needs. The artificial intelligence solution will control the preparation of copper-nickel concentrate to melting.

Kola GMK did not have to resort to help of specialists from other companies to realize the project. By 2020, the company is planning to automate the majority of processes related to extraction and processing of raw materials.

Google implements AI in healthcare

Together with DeepMind, Google developed a neural network capable of diagnosing 50 eye diseases using the retinal image.

Artificial intelligence detects diseases using optical coherence tomography (OCT), which is based on the noninvasive non-contact imaging of eye structures. This technology uses the same work principle as ultrasonography but has a higher resolution.

Researches were carried out together with the British Moorfields Eye Hospital that provided the OCT image database.

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