How can sensors that analyze human physical parameters help to optimize the operation of the whole enterprise? CEO of SOLUT Aleksander Belousov knows the answer. On April 19, he will speak at AI Conference in Moscow.

Topic of his presentation: “Recognition and analysis of movements using data from sensors attached to human body. Optimizing labor efficiency”.

Speaker will focus on the project aimed at worktime efficiency analysis in the industrial sector, construction, housing and utilities sector, and other areas of economics. He will tell:

  • about the development of devices attached to the body or clothes and intended to register the performance of workers;
  • how sensors of accelerometer and gyroscope can help to improve labor efficiency of the workers;
  • how they detect idle hours and critical breakdowns in the technological process and safety methods.

Aleksander Belousov is a founder of SOLUT, author of the concept of labor efficiency improvement using the movement recognition technology. Aleksander is a constructor engineer and has more than 12 years of experience working in mining and metallurgical sector, construction.

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