On April 19, COO and Founder at an international programmatic platform Getintent Vladimir Klimontovich will speak at Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018.

The expert will share his experience with the participants of the Startup Battle by delivering a presentation titled: ‘Practice of venture investments’.

The speaker will focus on the aspects as follows:

  • investments are worth dealing with, personal experience: from developers to entrepreneurs;
  • startups in terms of a fund;
  • startup’s life cycle;
  • ‘Alien vs. Predator’, or Founder vs. Investor (principles of interest allocation, protection of an investor’s and founder’s share);
  • lifetime of a deal;
  • more practice – where to find money?

Vladimir Klimontovich has been engaged in this professional sphere since the junior year at the university and worked both in startups and hi tech companies including IIKO, JnetX. He was the first to investigate the Russian RTB market. Worked in IT departments at ContextWeb (currently PulsePoint) and IPONWEB.

In 2013, the speaker founded Getintent along with a fellow student George Levin. Nowadays, Vladimir Klimontovich is Head of Moscow-based R&D department being responsible for technologies, product strategy and operations.

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