‘There are three factors of success in business: idea, team, and experience.’ Story of Alexey Dobrusin, founder of Gedocorp 25.02.2019
‘There are three factors of success in business: idea, team, and experience.’ Story of Alexey Dobrusin, founder of Gedocorp

Alexey Dobrusin got into entrepreneurship 9 years ago – in 2010. He got burned several times, but came out with useful information that later allowed him to establish a company focused on the consultancy services for business projects and Internet marketing called Gedocorp.

Alexey told us his story: which factors of success he considers the most important, why people should not underestimate negative experience, and what thing was the most difficult one in the development of Gedocorp.

‘There were some unsuccessful projects, but they gave me experience’

In 2010, I got into entrepreneurship. I focused on projects related to media and digital technologies. They were successful to various extents. I also had several unsuccessful startups and mistakes, but they turned into essential experience.

I have been always into marketing and Internet technologies, as I believe that future belongs to them. It is a developing market that is changing more and more industries, covering a growing number of human activities. It is an extremely interesting and promising sector for me.

‘Failures feed contemplation’

I think there are three main factors of the project’s success: idea, team, and experience. The third factor is often underestimated. When I accumulated relevant experience, learned to measure the efficiency of project activities, my projects started to grow and bring profit.

Recollecting unsuccessful startups, before I founded Gedocorp, I had a media startup. It failed in the market and gave me pause for thought.

Analyzing mistakes of the team, I concluded that we lacked a marketing vision, understanding of the market, and analysis. Therefore, I decided to fill in this gap by founding Gedocorp.

‘Setting up a team was the most difficult thing’

The most complicated task was to organize seamless teamwork. In the first year, our team interaction was very poor. Here proper partners, customization of business processes, anddelegation helped us. Overall, difficulties do not end, but we overcome them.

Currently, we are forming a group of companies based on Gedocorp agency to deal with product development and startups in the field of digital technologies.

I consider Gedocorp to be my achievement that I am proud of. We started from scratch in 2013 – on the verge of the financial crisis, and now we are launching our own projects, work with big clients, and have a strong team.

‘I have been always impressed by the use of AI in household’

After I founded Gedocorp, I received an offer to head the startup center of Samara State Medical University to unite digital, medical, and marketing competences, as well as to search for and develop innovation projects. I was glad to take on this project, as AI is a quite logical continuation of my development in the digital technologies field.

AI is used in Internet marketing, web projects; the number of its application areas is growing. I have been always impressed by the use of AI in household. For example, neural networks help to analyze user interests and set up a unique ad seen by just one person. It will not repeat itself and is generated without human interference. It is called programmatic.

I think that when some high-end technology enters the household use it indicates the adoption of the technology and that it will be developing further.

April 9, Alexey Dobrusin will speak at AI Conference in Moscow.
He will tell how an AI startup can attract public financing.

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