Emotional intelligence will make robots more human 23.02.2017
Emotional intelligence will make robots more human

The development of emotional intelligence is the future of AI technologies. This is the opinion of Bronwyn van der Merwe, Head of Accenture branch.

The expert says that robots that can understand and respond to people’s feelings will start acting more humanlike. Moreover, the introduction of emotional intelligence will facilitate machines socialization.

According to Bronwyn van der Merwe’s forecasts, this year emotional intelligence will become the developing trend in AI technologies industry. With its help, robots will be able to understand the information they receive in the process of communicating with people much more accurately. And respond to it more precisely as well.

Currently, more than half of users communicate with intelligent bots in chat rooms and mobile applications. 62% of them claim that bots are doing a good job in terms of answering questions.

The development of emotional intelligence may lead to the situation when sometimes people will not be able to tell whether they are talking to the bot or human.

By the way, experts point out that users prefer to communicate with bots that have personality. For this purpose, professional writers participate in the development of intelligent virtual companions. That is how unique voice assistants with their personality and their own way of interaction with the outside world appear.

Bronwyn van der Merwe notes that the development in the field of emotional intelligence should be carried out taking into consideration moral norms and values. Otherwise, the network will be flooded with bots like Tay, which less than a day of talking to people has turned into a racist and cad.

Analysts say that in 2020 users will communicate with bots more than with other people. If artificial intelligence becomes emotional the predictions may as well come true.

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