At Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018, Eduard Segal, an expert and evangelist in AI, Big Data, IoT, Mobile and Smart Planet sectors will deliver a presentation dedicated to artificial intelligence as a foundation for mass medicine of the postgenomic age.

The speaker will cover the following aspects:

  • an AI goal in the postgenomic age;
  • a standard body model – a foundation of postgenomic diagnostics;
  • an expected impact of AI application in postgenomic medicine;
  • AI and big data: personalization of prophylaxis and treatment based on postgenomic modeling.

Eduard Segal is Business Development Director at MTS. He is also an expert at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Member of the Interdepartmental Board of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations of Russia on the implementation issues of the Comprehensive plan of scientific studies on Postgenomic Medicine.

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