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Coca-Cola to create advertising using AI

Coca-Cola to create advertising using AI

07 Mar 2017

Coca-Cola is well-known by its significant advertising clips that eventually become classics of the genre.

Traditionally, the best advertising agencies are developing the creative PR for the brand. They’ve worked with a brief and created a 30 second video. And now, the company decided to apply innovations to the online promotion process, in particular, it decided to use AI technologies.

Digital Director of Coca-Cola Mariano Bosaz told that recently the company was restructured and company management decided to streamline expenses for online promotion and make it more efficient. So, it hired chief digital marketing officer, David Godsman. And in order to automate content creation, the company decided to apply AI robots.

According to Bosaz, AI technologies could be used in Coca-Cola for various purposes: creating music, writing scripts, posting a spot on social media, buying media, etc. Sooner or later, almost all routine tasks may be performed by smart bots. However, the technologies are still not perfect enough for this. But even today some developments allow us to automate merging of promotional video, bulk buying and much more.

AI will be also useful in e-commerce. But how the brand is planning to apply AI developments in this sector is yet unknown.

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