Role of neural networks in HR sector: Marta Kutuzova, CEO at Yva.AI 28.02.2019
Role of neural networks in HR sector: Marta Kutuzova, CEO at Yva.AI

Do you run a major company and doubt the sincerity of your employees? Do you have no idea how to catch the interest of the team for the sake of your business? These issues are relevant to CEOs, HR specialists, and company’s staff desiring to do what they like.

On April 9, Marta Kutuzova, CEO at Yva.AI CIS, will speak at AI Conference and explain that artificial intelligence can not only find new employees, but also to retain the current ones.

Her presentation is titled ‘Role of AI in HR analytics’.

The speaker will reveal how the neural network is able to:

  • predict employee resignation;
  • identify employee’s role, toxic individuals, and communicative issues;
  • show the Organizational Network Analysis (ONA);
  • map out a professional portrait and development areas.

Marta Kutuzova is a manager and entrepreneur, COO & Co-Founder at BearHug Foundation. She has more than 10 years of experience in building distribution channels as well as in product introduction to the market in Russia and Silicon Valley. The speaker held senior positions at Svyaznoy Group of Companies, OJSC AlfaStrakhovanie, and the Bank of Moscow.

Now, she is CEO at Yva.AI CIS, a company that has developed the AI system for managing business performance and staff involvement. Previous year, ABBYY Russia became an exclusive distributor of Yva’s artificial intelligence for three areas (HR, Sales, and Executive).

Besides, Nikita Cherkasenko, director of HRM Technologies at Rostelecom, will also talkabout AI in HR.

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