Chip by Mythic will make any electronic device smart 24.03.2017
Chip by Mythic will make any electronic device smart

Mythic startup has developed a chip and a software, which makes any electronic device recognize images and respond to voice commands. Besides, the system does not require cloud or additional equipment in order to process data. All calculations are carried out locally.

The startup offers a unique technology of deep learning that provides complex computing operations to be performed with a minimum level of energy consumption. The chip can be embedded in a vacuum cleaner, kettle, security camera and other electronic devices even if they are not connected to the Internet.

Mike Henry, one of the founders of the startup, says that the chip is likely to be used by manufacturers of drones, robots and various consumer electronics. However, the head of the company plans to enter the market of unmanned cars.

The startup has already received approximately $ 11.8 million of private investments and government grants. These funds are enough to launch commercial production of the chip.

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