Chatbots and content creation: how AI technologies benefit marketing 30.01.2019
Chatbots and content creation: how AI technologies benefit marketing

A marketer’s key task is to investigate the market and make a potential client take the needed action (buy a product, register for courses, visit a new restaurant). This is currently doable due to artificial intelligence technologies. They help generate customized advertising, create content, communicate with clients, and perform other tasks. Let us find out how and where marketers apply AI technologies.

Website building

There are website builders for individual construction. A user has to pinpoint a style and structure of the future website, its destination, main target (for example, sales and views). Then, upload images, texts, and other content. The service will analyze all data and compare it with the existing samples, and then come up with the best variant.


The Grid platform uses Molly AI in order to develop online portals. It creates an individual design, chooses a color range, adds functions ordered by a client as well as adjusts it to a mobile version and various browsers. If needed, changes can be made in a final version.

Content creation

Artificial intelligence is capable of creating text materials on various topics. It can write news articles and announcements, add flypages. If needed, editors can correct mistakes in a generated text.


The Associated Press news agency uses Wordsmith platform from Automated Insights company to write articles and financial reports. You have to upload data to this program. Then, artificial intelligence creates a human-understandable text. Hemingway App edits the produced material. This program highlights too long sentences and provides possible word changes.

Alibaba company developed its own product describing program. Artificial intelligence generates up to 20 thousand lines per second. Resulting materials are difficult to differentiate from human texts.


According to the Statista’s forecast, the global market of virtual assistants would have grown to $994.5 million by 2024 (compare with $113 million in 2015). Chatbots are widely utilized in medicine, e-commerce, insurance, finance, tourism, retail, entertainment, and media. They have significantly simplified the communication between companies and clients, which made them popular.

What can chatbots currently do?

  • answer clients’ questions;
  • accept orders, inform about their status, assist in payment procedures;
  • make recommendation;
  • conduct surveys;
  • send notifications, ads, and special offers;
  • give bonuses and promo codes;
  • if required, connect to human specialists.

Chatbots’ distinctive feature is 24/7 availability. Besides, virtual assistants save expenses a company spends on technical support specialists and other staff.

Information a chatbot collected while communicating with customers can be further analyzed and serve a base for personal recommendations.

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This technology enables a remarketing option. You can send an advertising offer to chatbot’s subscribers, which would boost website traffic.


GrowthBot answers marketing questions. This virtual assistant can provide people with information about various industries and brands.

The chain of perfume and fragrance stores Sephora uses a chatbot to introduce products to customers. It poses a range of questions. By analyzing answers, artificial intelligence identifies product categories that would appeal to customers. In the course of the conversation, a chatbot offers to buy additional products. It also gives cosmetics recommendations and heightens the interest in the company.

A chatbot of Amico company that produces dietary supplements offers to investigate your health state by answering a couple of questions. Data on height, weight, and lifestyle can help make customized recommendations aimed at the improvement of an organism’s state.

Advertising optimization

Marketers apply artificial intelligence for advertising campaigns launching and management. AI technologies help promote websites and attract new customers. They as well enable automated optimization of ads and conversion.


Adgorithms company developed Albert, an AI-powered marketing platform that takes on a whole marketing campaign. The service distributes messages via social networks, search engines, e-mails. It analyzes previously created advertising and improves it if required.

Due to Albert, Harley-Davidson NYC managed to boost the number of website visitors by 566%. What is more, artificial intelligence helped raise the percent of potential clients by 2930% within three months.

Marketing specialists utilize the Origami platform created for contextual advertising management. It analyzes data gathered by Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, call tracking, deals of customer-relationship management systems. AI-imbedded algorithms give a forecast for the effectiveness of key phrases to place on the top of a search bar. This system is also capable of managing unpopular queries.

Personal recommendations

A modern Internet user visits dozens or even hundreds of websites daily. Some of them they visit on a regular basis while to others they are redirected. Marketers are to analyze clients’ behavior on the Web and identify their goals and wishes. Artificial intelligence may come in handy.

By investigating user actions in social networks and on various websites, AI-fueled algorithms compile customized content to attract clients.


Amazon uses DSSTNE platform. It investigates user interests, previous purchases as well as viewed products. Artificial intelligence utilizes this data in order to make customized recommendations.

The online retailer applies an AI-based system from Sentinent Technologies company. It helps users find necessary products on a catalog. Recommended products are selected due to a visual information filter. As soon as you click on one of the product characteristics, the program instantly offers similar products.

Such platforms as Instagram and VKontakte use AI technologies to create customized newsfeed. Algorithms analyze customer behavior on the Web and offer advertising and various post.

Messages customization

Various brands and companies use artificial intelligence technologies to adapt messages to every client. Special algorithms help analyze user reaction to different types of information, what products and services they would prefer more. This gives an idea of what messages to send clients and what design to choose, what product would better fit an audience.


ZetaHub platform analyzes Big Data. It chooses the best target audience for certain kind of advertising, what information to provide, when to address clients for feedback.

Adore Me company utilizes platform called Optimove to segment message recipients. AI sends customers content that targets their life period. Messages are sent via SMS, e-mail, and app notifications.

Dynamic pricing

Artificial intelligence is a good method of changing products and services price depending on demand, availability, and customer profile information. Such an approach is often used at ticket services. During so-called hot dates with an increased demand for travel, prices may grow up. Meanwhile, companies may decrease prices for off-season destinations.

This pricing approach is currently a frequent technique in sales.


The portal called allows to track a pricing tendency on Amazon. The program makes a schedule for each product showing any changes depending on seasons, popularity, and other aspects.


Artificial intelligence technologies slowly but steadily enter the marketing universe. As shown in a poll carried out by Segmento advertising platform, in 2018, 20% out of 300 representatives of Russian companies have already experienced working with AI tools in marketing. 32% of the surveyed intend to apply such technologies in 2019. These companies are ready to allocate up to 10 million rubles and more for software and AI experts. Such results prove that modern companies show a warm welcome to emerging technologies and use them to attract new clients and scale advertising campaigns.

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