Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that communicates with people through a chat interface and helps to solve various tasks. The program can be created either on your own digital platform or website, or in a messaging application.

Where is it more profitable to organize the work of a chatbot? Let's take a look at the most popular platforms.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the first in the list of platforms for creating chatbots thanks to a large number of users and convenient functionality. The platform is used by 1.3 billion people worldwide. Facebook Messenger developers are constantly adding new updates, including those for chatbots. Guides and tips for users help to understand the functions and process of chatbots operation.


  • oriented mainly on the foreign market;
  • some functions require moderator’s confirmation;
  • the least popular in Russia.


One of the most popular instant messengers in the US and Europe. In WhatsApp, you can create a bot that will answer FAQs, give technical support advice and consultations.


  • WhatsApp doesn’t officially support chatbots;
  • authorization by a phone number;
  • no open API.

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According to Mediascope, 575 thousand Russians use the Telegram messenger. Similar to WhatsApp, here you can create a bot for all company needs. The messenger has a large number of resources and tools, so developing it on this very platform is easy and cheap.

There are also many free resources for creating chatbots. Even those who do not know how to program or simply want to implement a bot in their business with minimal costs can develop such a program easily.


  • user-friendly;
  • possibility to create interactive buttons and ready-made answers;
  • no program skills required to create a bot in the Telegram.


A popular instant messenger and one of the platforms for creating chatbots. It can be used as an additional tool for the main account. Chatbots in Viber find information on request, exchange currency, conduct polls or questionnaires and notify about news on a specific website.


  • age of the messenger users is 25 – 44 years;
  • mostly popular in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.


Skype can be used for chatbots creation since 2016. Users communicate with chatbots similarly to Telegram, through messages. Bots help to buy goods, order food, book tickets, etc.


  • a domain name, hosting and certificate are required to work with a chatbot.


The Bitrix24 platform provides a set of tools for organizing work inside the company: manage projects, set tasks, maintain documentation. The service also has an internal messenger, where you can create chatbots directly for business tasks.

It is possible to entrust bots with simple tasks to save time of your employees for more complex operations, as well as to collect information for analysis and statistics. In large companies, chatbots often play the role of consultants before the client’s communication with humans.


  • it is possible to communicate with the bot not only through commands, but also using buttons;
  • there is a technical support service;
  • there is a demo bot, which can be updated for the necessary tasks.

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular among users. According to the study of Humanity in the Machine, 75% of the UK citizens prefer to communicate with the program, rather than with a person.

Chatbot is a personalized and fast way to work with clients. Such programs have already been introduced into such sectors as finance, catering and even medicine. Of course the bot is unable to replace a person completely, but it already helps to facilitate the work of companies, performing routine tasks instead of people.