Business application of neural networks: the most interesting practical solutions 15.03.2018
Business application of neural networks: the most interesting practical solutions

Scientists working on neural networks say that artificial intelligence is still like a black box for them. Artificial intelligence is good at processing data and can even generate new information though not beyond the specified task.

Today neural networks have learned to recognize speech, images, can play the most complicated games, and handle routine tasks better than a human. Relevant algorithms are used in chatbots, call centers, email processing systems. Let’s investigate how else businesses use neural networks.


Japanese company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance will replace 34 employees with the IBM Watson Explorer AI. The neural network will be responsible for defining insurance conditions, among other things, by browsing numerous medical certificates, tracking the number of hospital visits, monitoring undertaken surgeries.

The company hopes to increase efficiency by 30% using the neural network.


Neural networks are widely used in e-commerce. With their help online stores managed to improve recommendation mechanisms significantly.

Amazon receives 35% of sales using the recommendation mechanism. Furthermore, the Brain algorithm that recommends content to YouTube users is one of the reasons for the website’s audience to grow by a factor of 10 in the last five years.

Neural networks technology is used by the marketing platform Albert that runs almost all operations in the autonomous mode. Cosabella, a company that makes underwear, decided to refuse from the marketing department and use the platform’s capabilities.


Microsoft developers together with ICRISAT researchers define the successful time for seeding in India using the artificial intelligence. Besides, the algorithm monitors the land and looks for necessary fertilizers. Initially, only 175 farmers participated in the program. They started seeding only after receiving a special message. As a result, the output yield increased by 30-40%.

Entertainment and art

In 2016, a boom for apps based on neural networks and intended for processing photo and video started. Millions of users downloaded such apps as MSQRD, Prisma, Mlvch, Algorithmia.

Yandex conducts successful experiments with the creation of music. Neural networks can already boast two albums in the style of Nirvana and Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Russian for Civil Defense).

Algorithms also write books. One of the neural networks developed by the Japanese developers wrote a small novel that even came through to the final of the well-known literary awards ceremony. Artificial intelligence also wrote a sequel to Harry Potter books and presented another volume of the Game of Thrones instead of George Martin.

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