A chatbot is a tool increasingly used by companies to communicate with customers. At AI Conference, George Fomichev will tell the audience about the efficiency of chatbot integration into businesses based on successful case studies.

George Fomichev has launched dozens of projects from scratch. In 2015, he founded the Endurance Robots startup. Currently, he is CEO at the company.

The speaker has been involved in international conferences dedicated to robotics, AI algorithms and chatbots. He is frequently invited to speak at US universities, such as FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University), FSU (Florida State University), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). He writes articles for more than 40 online publications.

George’s presentation topic: Business and chatbots. Successful business cases.

Key points:

  • why major companies have already focused on chatbots;
  • how chatbots help to save expenses as well as increase sales and customer satisfaction index;
  • successful business cases, metrics and development plans.

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