What does a neural network study on YouTube? Why does artificial intelligence appear to be sexist? How will Instagram chase for haters? Follow our digest to find out more.

Neural network can repeat human movements from a video

Scientists at American and Canadian universities created a neural network that enables a virtual character to repeat human movements from a video. They took YouTube material with people’s motions and trained the neural network.

Trying to repeat movements, the algorithm divides a video into separate pictures, points out a position of every body part and memorizes changes. Then, the data goes to another neural network that designs its virtual character and performs movements.

The neural networks are developed due to the technology DeepMimic capable of repeating complex movements.

AI appears to be sexist

Amazon tested an AI-based app for recruitment. The results showed that AI filters out women and expresses bias towards men.

The app is enabled by a machine learning algorithm that independently evaluates CVs and then creates rankings. Thus, if you download 100 résumés, it will choose five suitable ones to select the future employee.

As reported by the developers, the system isn’t for gender equity because AI was being trained on the material of the last 10 years when the majority of résumés were male. Amazon suspended the development of an app for some time.

It’s not the first time the algorithm shows an unexpected result because of the material choice of its developers. For example, in 2016, Microsoft presented its chatbot Tau on Twitter. The chatbot grew hateful towards all the world and started calling for genocide.

Instagram to track threats from haters

Instagram developers created a neural network to search for and block posts with threats.

The AI-powered social network will scan published photos and captions. In case a neural network finds offenses and threats towards users, it will send the information to a moderator.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the neural network would be launched in several weeks.

Rospatent to introduce AI in its work

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property will introduce artificial intelligence in its work. Now, you will be able to submit an application using e-signature as well as send 3D models of inventions.

The Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks is currently elaborating a bill to fulfill these ideas more quickly.

Head of the organization Grigory Ivliev commented that the organization has been engaged in the changes in the sphere of intellectual property and emphasized the necessity of the industry legal regulation.

Honda cars can share data with one another

Honda tested the system ‘Smart Intersection’ in the American city Marysville. It allows cars to share data with one another and informs about pedestrians on the road.

The company equipped 200 cars with communication devices and set cameras detecting a person at the distance of 100 m on the crossroad. The system sent signals to board computers informing about a possible crash and warned a driver.

Honda engineers think that ‘Smart Intersection’ would unclog traffic and reduce the number of car accidents.

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