Business process automation to be revealed by Anton Malov, GANDIVA’s Director 03.04.2019
Business process automation to be revealed by Anton Malov, GANDIVA’s Director

Advantages of business automation include the reduction of personnel expenditures and the release of employees from routine work, which allows to enhance the company’s efficiency. How to automate business processes today?

Moscow AI Conference will discuss technologies for business automation on April 9. Anton Malov, Director at GANDIVA, will make a presentation: How do technologies allow to reduce expenses for extra staff and turn them into profit? Case study by AGAT Group.

Key points:

  • processes that should be automated;
  • how technologies reduce expenses and turn them into profit;
  • how automation grows business in the context of shrinking market;
  • what tools and resources allow to achieve good results.

Anton Malov is a programmer and expert in the development of various IT solutions. Working for AGAT Group, he developed and integrated IT systems and HRM analytics as well as improved the quality of corporate services.

Besides, the specialist led projects on optimizing staff in the financial settlement block. He automated sales maintenance and communications of internal divisions.

Currently, the speaker is a director at GANDIVA, an IT company that designs and integrates technologies for business management.

GANDIVA aims to help companies to show persistently high results without constant control and manual adjustment.

Using digitalization, the company allows business owners to run efficiently their organizations, bosses to plan working hours and analyzeworkload, and employees to realize scope of work andreliably perform given tasks.

Discover more about business automation from the specialist at the conference!

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