Announcement of speakers of Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 21.02.2018
Announcement of speakers of Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

On April 19, Moscow will host Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018. The event will allow to discover how AI technologies help to improve the efficiency of sales, manufacturing, marketing, and service businesses.

The conference will involve artificial intelligence gurus: company owners, engineers, scientists, and researchers.

Keynote speakers include Dmitry Soshnikov, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. He will reveal the issue of solving problems of computer vision based on Microsoft technologies: from collection of smart data of surveillance camera videos to automatic generation of photo tags. Traditionally, the integration of such technologies requires a team of highly skilled developers and enormous aggregation of educative data but Dmitry Soshnikov will explain how to do it using Microsoft solutions.

Dmitry Korobchenko, Machine Learning Engineer at NVIDIA, will also speak at the conference. He will examine neural network deep learning technology and show how it can be applied in both technical and creative tasks based on case studies. The speaker will tell the audience how modern neural networks function and learn, what Deep Learning means, and where it can be applied.

Dmitry Babaev, Researcher at Sberbank’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, will talk about neural networks as well. He worked for Yandex and MTS. The speaker will reveal neural network learning issues that seriously limit their application. For instance, complexity of shifting educated network experience to other tasks and huge data bulks required for training the neural network. The speaker will thoroughly focus on each of these issues and show opportunities for their solutions.

Other speaker will be Eduard Segal, an expert and evangelist in AI, Big Data, IoT, Mobile, and Smart Planet, and Business Development Director at MTS. The speaker will talk about the role of artificial intelligence in mass medicine of the postgenomic age. Eduard Segal will analyze artificial intelligence in the context of postgenomic medicine, expected results of AI application in this sector, treatment and prevention personalization based on postgenomic modeling etc.

One more speaker will be Mikhail Belyaev, Research Scientist, Head of Algorithm Development Group of CoBrain-Analytics project. He will dedicate his presentation to deep learning for neurovisualization data analysis and talk about the application of deep learning methods for solving machine learning tasks, as well as give several examples of neurovisualization data analysis projects.

The conference will feature the Startup Battle, a contest of new AI projects, a panel discussion, and a meeting between startups and investors. Artificial Intelligence Conference will also provide an exhibition area, allowing everyone to examine AI innovative products from advanced international companies.

Tickets are already available! Hurry up to buy two tickets at the price of one only until February 27!

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