Space images analysis, robot with an insect brain, and disease diagnostics by photo: digest of AI news 25.01.2019
Space images analysis, robot with an insect brain, and disease diagnostics by photo: digest of AI news

Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects develops AI for space images analysis while DARPA plans to create a robot with mental abilities of an insect. Follow our weekly digest to find out more about these and other events.

Sberbank to use AI to find news about Russian financial situation

Sberbank introduced AI created by ABBYY to its system of online monitoring of financial news. The purpose of this implementation is an automated analysis of counterparty banks’ information in Russian.

An ABBYY’s neural network processes news about 1 thousand counterparty banks and compiles a dossier on them. This system is handy for Sberbank employees who conduct an analysis of a country’s economic state.

DARPA announces a contest for creation of flying insect-like AI

DARPA announced a contest for the creation of a robot with mental abilities of a flying insect. As commented by the experts at the agency, flying insects are governed by simple instincts that require own decisions. They would become a breakthrough in AI development.

A contest winner will be awarded 1 million USD for the development of a military robot.

FDNA creates AI for disease diagnostics by photo

The America-based company FDNA conducted successful testing of a DeepGestalt algorithm, a face recognition system that can diagnose rare genetic diseases by photos.

A DeepGestalt neural network was trained by 17 000 people images with 200 rare genetic diseases of various kinds.

In the course of testing, the system was trying to detect two human diseases such as Cornelia de Lange and Angelman syndromes. As a result, the AI algorithm diagnosed both diseases correctly in 90% of cases. Want is more, it took less time compared to doctors.

Russian engineers train robots to orient in space

Engineers at Far Eastern Federal University developed a system of smart management of robots and industrial manipulators. It would lead to better coordination of underwater and above-water robots moving past unknown obstacles. The system would raise their speed and accuracy.

Russian AI to assist in space images analyzing

Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects plans to fulfill an AI project to conduct analysis of photos taken by land remote sensing satellites.

As reported by Russian News Agency TASS with a reference to the press service of Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects, the project aims to develop an AI algorithm that would recognize objects in land surfaces images taken from space. The artificial intelligence is expected to detect aircraft and automobiles, their type (passenger or freight), in some cases – even a car make, etc.

This technology is anticipated to be strongly sought-after, particularly in military and safety segments.

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