Efficient big data analysis will enhance the quality of urban services. The ways of seamless information processing will be discussed at AI Conference on November 22. Andrey Karmatsky, CEO at Urbica, will speak on the topic: Visualization of big urban data.

Key points:

  • exploratory data analysis as an unshakable technique for the perception of data;
  • how AI helps to analyze customer behavior;
  • data validity in the AI epoch;
  • how data visualization can help to advance various sectors.

Andrey Karmatsky is a big data analysis expert. He led Yandex geo services design and then founded Urbica. Now, he is its CEO. The organization focuses on analysis and big data processing and visualization in order to improve urban services.

Besides, Andrey Karmatsky is a lecturer of the Big Data course as part of the Master’s program of the NRU HSE titled Prototyping of Future Cities. The speaker is also an author of Urban Data Telegram channel where he reveals how technologies make cities a better place to live.

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