AI system Oshi-el learned to answer questions about love and life difficulties 17.02.2017
AI system Oshi-el learned to answer questions about love and life difficulties

Japanese developers from NTT Resonant have developed an artificial intelligence system Oshi-el, which can serve as an online psychologist.

The AI system processed 190 thousand questions from users and 770 thousand answers from qualified specialists in the process of learning, and now can advise on personal problems not worse than an average psychologist.

Problems of human relations and various life complications are a difficult sphere for artificial intelligence. The majority of bots can give short answers to concrete questions, but cannot analyze the situation in general and ease human anxiety in a stressful state.

Unlike many virtual conversation partners, Oshi-el can provide comprehensive answers to psychological questions. By analyzing a huge number of questions and answers of Goo’s database, the system learned to show sympathy, specify information and give efficient recommendations for solving life problems.

The structure of Oshi-el’s answers is formed based on the key words, which the system finds in the user’s query. Thus, answers to romantic queries will significantly differ from recommendations related to business relations.

Naturally, Oshi-el’s answers are not ideal yet. But the system’s recommendations are not worse than those of an average psychologist and definitely better than those of a graduate, who does not have any experience of working with clients. Anyway, Oshi-el will be upgraded, and possibly in the future people will turn to artificial intelligence rather than a psychologist for advice.

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