AI Marketing: How to Promote Business using Smart Solutions 04.09.2017
AI Marketing: How to Promote Business using Smart Solutions

According to the Hubspot study, 630 out of 1000 respondents use artificial intelligence technologies without even knowing. Brands implement all sorts of AI-solutions for content management, email marketing, search engine optimization, design. They help provide better service, reduce costs, increase customer loyalty and attract new clients. Here are most successful examples of artificial intelligence use in marketing:

1. Website development

Website design for The Grid company is done by an AI-system Molly. It replaces an entire team of specialists required to develop the resource. The client has to download all the necessary content into the program, and Molly will create a website on this basis. Artificial intelligence services cost $ 100 a year.

2. Content Creation

The Associated Press and Forbes use AI-services Wordsmith and Quill for writing news fast. Artificial intelligence generates content using templates. Marketers edit the text using the Hemingway App to make it better. That’s how we get concise articles with clear language.

3. Content management

Recommendations for Netflix and Amazon clients are made by the artificial intelligence. The IBM Watson system and other similar services help companies learn more about their consumer preferences in order to offer them useful information and products. In particular, a large brand Under Armor uses data of a famous AI-program.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Intelligent assistants, such as Siri and Cortana, let people search for information via voice commands. Users don’t type: "restaurants in St. Petersburg" any more, they just ask: "Where should I have dinner tonight?" And the system understands them. Google uses RankBrain machine learning to deliver search results. The program takes user's location, search history, interests, etc., into account.

5. Content customization

The Boomtrain service adapts the email newsletter content to each specific user. The Adore Me company uses another tool, Optimove, for the same purpose. AI-solution sends the consumer content that will be useful to them. The program takes into account a person’s interests, their age and other information. This approach helped the brand significantly increase their monthly profit.

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6. Forming the news feed in social networks

To increase user loyalty, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter use artificial intelligence to rank the news in the stream. Facebook also uses an AI-solution to block low-quality content resources.

7. Image Editing

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users can edit their photos and various pictures using neural nets. AI-solutions are what allows you to change a part of your face or make a human look like an animal. Users love things like this, and brands can use it, providing additional services just for fun.

8. Resource promotion

The AI-system in GoogleAdWords helps automatically assign bids for cliques, for them to be as effective as possible. The Albert decision basically manages advertising campaigns completely on its owned. Marketers just have to put data, desired results and funds into the account. The intelligent program will do the rest. That is how Albert increased Harley-Davidson NYC sales by 40%.

9. Automatic customer support

Chat bots work 24/7, providing high-quality customer support. By communicating with GrowthBot users can get information about marketing and sales any time.

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10. Lead attraction and sales

Conversica’s AI Angie works at a telecommunication company CenturyLink. AI-program finds "hot leads" among thousands of customers. It sends messages to users, determining if they want to talk to a company representative, and if so, instantly connects them to a manager. The effect of solution implementation: for $ 1 spent on system support, AI Angie brings $ 20 revenue.


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