Google taught the artificial intelligence algorithm the art of editing landscape photos. Neural networks analyze photos and edit them according to accepted standards.

To train the AI system, engineers from the Machine Perception division programmed it to process images from Google Street View. The neural network had to select the most successful photos and edit them. Artificial intelligence coped with the task. It chose the most beautiful landscapes, cropped the photos a little bit, lightened some areas, and darkened the others.

Photoprocessing experts evaluated the work of the AI system. Forty percent of the polled said that the photos looked as if a professional or an experienced amateur made them.

Google taught the AI algorithm to edit landscape photos- 2

Google taught the AI algorithm to edit landscape photos - 3

Representatives of Google specified that the neural network could not edit the whole image, changing only its fragments. In the future, the AI algorithm will get smarter and help to make higher quality photos.

In addition, engineers mentioned the application areas of the development. It will be used as a photo editor in Google Photo and possibly Snapseed mobile application.