8 tips for companies wishing to apply artificial intelligence 20.04.2017
8 tips for companies wishing to apply artificial intelligence

Currently, artificial intelligence is a part of many applications and objects, including cars, home controlling systems, wearable devices, household appliances etc. AI systems are used for production automation, time management, security, healthcare, and entertainment.

To increase efficiency of business processes, it is important to implement certain AI technologies. In his book called "Practical Artificial Intelligence for Dummies", Chris Hammond, Narrative Science representative, has provided several tips that should be taken into account while integrating commercially available AI solutions into business processes.

Tips on implementing AI technologies in business

1. It is important to develop an AI implementation strategy. Initially, you should define a problem preventing company growth and find a corresponding AI algorithm for its solution.

2. You should monitor all latest developments and only then select the most efficient of available services. AI solutions are not multipurpose. Some of them work under the quite simple templates, allowing to conduct any certain task successfully.

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3. Each device generates certain data. It these data that limit artificial intelligence systems, as they operate only based on available information. Thus, you should clearly realize what data are available and what forecasts can be made based on them.

4. Do not confuse artificial intelligence and machine learning terms. Artificial intelligence consists of various techniques, allowing machines to perform “intelligent” tasks, while machine learning is an application area of artificial intelligence where devices improve their operations based on obtained data.

5. General-purpose systems are external, while specialized solutions provide higher quality of system work. So, you should get your priorities right.

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6. Prior to implementing artificial intelligence, you should think over who will use it. AI systems require human control. Moreover, it is people who train these systems. AI application is a unique interaction between a machine and human being.

7. It is necessary to think thoroughly how artificial intelligence will operate in certain environment, whether it will offer explanations for conclusions, whether incoming data can be changed, and whether the system will be capable to self-learning. Today, there are AI solutions that can be checked and controlled. They are more reliable and efficient.

8. You should work only with those vendors who are able to explain the operational concept of artificial intelligence. If providers of AI solutions say that their products are too far out, you’d better look for other specialists.

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