5 important business tasks to be solved by AI 07.11.2017
5 important business tasks to be solved by AI

Ken Elephant, Managing Director at the American investment company Sorenson Capital, told VentureBeat about the main business problems that artificial intelligence will help solve. These common tasks are typical for most areas, and in each of them, they create certain inconveniences, interfering with effective work. Let’s see what they are.

Routine tasks

Putting statistical data into tables or transcribing hours of interviews are tedious things to do for a person and they take a lot of time. On the other hand, AI-systems can take care of it quickly and proficiently, saving human resources for more creative work.

Chat bots based on artificial intelligence and machine learning are already used by many companies as consultants. Thanks to working with large amounts of data, they are able to answer all common questions and eventually improve their knowledge by updating information. One example are the Dialogflow Company products – virtual assistants for trade networks.

Working with multiple information channels

Today business uses a huge number of digital information channels, which are not so easy to monitor. Making relevant changes on websites, in social networks or sending them via messengers takes time.

An excellent tool for such purposes are systems like Elucify, which can automatically update addresses and phone numbers of establishments, if they change location. The advantage of Elucify is that it works with various websites and social network accounts without any complications.

Sorting and protecting data

Large corporations have a problem with distributing large amounts of information. Particularly important is data sorting into public, which should be distributed over the network, and secret, which should be protected from outside attention.

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RiskSense is working on an AI system that pre-calculates cyberattack risks. This will allow to learn what the most vulnerable places are and provide necessary data protection already at the sorting stage.

Working on mistakes

Artificial intelligence and machine learning became the link that enabled technology to find human mistakes in millions of code lines. For example, the GitPrime project is designed to use code data to determine best software development templates.

Health and life protection for people in the workplace

3D printers and AI robots can perform production processes more efficiently and way faster than people. This is especially important in areas potentially dangerous for human health and life. Process automation will help improve product quality and reduce its cost in the future.

Only a few operators and technicians will be enough to service machines at a factory. This practice is being introduced all over the world and will soon become quite usual.


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