While Stephen Hawking predicts the rise of smart machines, entrepreneurs use artificial intelligence for money saving, productivity boosting and income. Business has successfully adopted chatbots, machine vision, prediction systems and other AI-technologies that are far better than people in handling some tasks. Which ones – read further.

Task 1: customer support

Chatbots based on AI-algorithms detect the natural speech and answer immediately simple customers’ questions at any time of day. They tell about company service, arrange an appointment, make an order, send contacts and many other things.

Last year a similar bot was launched by The Royal Bank of Scotland. It processes requests of 10% bank clients and is learning step by step to answer more complicated questions. According to Juniper Research, providing virtual companions in financial and medical spheres will help save $20 m a year.

Task 2: production control

Human cannot take into account all factors to predict the system work, unlike the machines. Energy supplier Engie uses drones with surveillance cameras for the production control. Robotic drones monitor 24/7 the work of equipment, software fixes any defects and reports quickly about them.

5 business tasks better handled by artificial intelligence than human - 1

There also exist other types of similar systems. City surveillance cameras with AI-algorithms inform the police when they detect faces of criminals or plates of stolen cars.

Task 3: routine work automatization

Machines cope with routine tasks quickly and qualitatively: distribution, booking, analytical reports preparation and so on. A Japanese Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance company recruited robots with Watson Explorer AI. The board of directors anticipates that the productivity is going to boost by 30%.

Delegating routine to robots will enable people to do more useful intellectual work.

Task 4: future prediction

AI-systems process huge data volumes, look for regularities and based on that, make accurate predictions about business development, product popularity, equipment durability and other processes.

5 business tasks better handled by artificial intelligence than human - 2

Task 5: restless and faultless work

Robots work 24/7, do not need any rest and hardly ever do any mistake. An Ocado retailer uses Google Artificial Intelligence for goods barcode scanning in warehouses. It helps accelerate products output. A Shentong Express transport company spends two times less money for workers’ salary by using sorting robots. They are more careful than people and process 200 000 packages a day.