About conference

AI Conference – a conference for optimizing business processes.

AI technologies open unique business opportunities. AI instruments and big data analysis allow optimizing manufacturing processes, raising revenue, improving quality of services, etc.

       How will business benefit from AI?

  • Processing of large amounts of data.
  • Predicting the demand and customers’ behaviour.
  • Improving the service quality.
  • Development of solutions in critical situations.
  • Company management and much more.

Leading foreign and Russian experts will discuss a range of issues related to the use of innovative technologies. Successful cases will be presented.

The conference will touch upon the following issues:

  • AI opportunities for business optimization, profit increase and improvement of product quality.
  • Practical use of existing AI instruments in marketing, logistics, trade, manufacturing, finances and other spheres.
  • Correct AI integration into the existing business.
  • New AI developments.
  • Analysis and forecast for market development in the nearest future.

AI Conference speakers will present new developments, give practical advice on correct integration of AI instruments into business, discuss current market state and development trends.

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